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Beauty therapy is a lot more than just enhancing the attractiveness of someone because it also has the ability to create new confidence, self-assurance and especially as new attitude towards life. For instance; cupping, or vacuum therapy, which can be used for a variety of applications, from head to foot? Of particular note, is the relation of this therapy to your face, head, and neck that are frequently regions of pain and dysfunction! Amongst the complaints addressed by massage therapists, are headaches, chronic inflammation, lymphatic issues, surgical preparation and recovery sinusitis. In addition, the comprehensive list includes temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, all of which are common areas of concern for many clients who visit their favorite beauty salon and therapist. 

Massage and drainage

There are various and traditional effective massage techniques that offer gentle traction to the neck and which calls for a trained upward movement to the occipital ridge. By combining a downward motion into massaging the head, your neck and face, the drainage of cranial lymph are added creating a significant benefit to the soft tissue in these areas. The effects produced by drainage of the head and neck, traverses down the cervical spine to the anterior neck, towards the central clavicular notch. Take the opportunity to glance at different people and you may observe the number of them display a puffy face and neck. While some may only show congestion above the clavicle, others suffer for a greater severity of congestion, which in turn, affects the upper thoracic area.

Vacuum and cupping therapy

Vacuum, also known as cupping therapies provide an innovative approach to lymphatic liquefaction and drainage and soft tissue release. The process of liquefaction is designed to convert an entity into liquid. It is a treatment that is beneficial for congestion of the face and body, which can be classified as areas of thickened lymph, which can be the cause of blocking drainage resulting in further congestion. As the congestion factor increases, so does the drainage and filtration system of your body become over-powered! The result is a reduction of the natural body processing functions, and a dense layer of thickened lymph, which obstructs the removal of deep inflammation by way of the blood vessels located in the skin. Vacuum therapy raises and separates layers of the skin and its underlying tissue, which allows for movement of the congestion. Liquefaction is achievable if greater and more intense heat is applied to the surface of the skin.

Your beauty salon therapist may use manual cups or a machine for treatment to your face and neck. The specialized low-suction vacuum machines have been an integral part of their basic aesthetic equipment for a significant length, with lymphatic drainage being regarded as the foundation for many and varied facial treatments and facial massage movements. Your massage therapist can combine vacuum therapies into the bodywork, with the attention given to your face during a treatment session, soon becoming a firm favorite with you. A dense layer of congestion around the area at the base of the neck is a usual sight for those suffering from thyroiditis and your beauty therapist may require several treatment sessions to enable the upper neck and face to drain.

Therapy and treatments

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A further and common complaint dealt with by your massage therapist is sinusitis, which can be traced back to allergies and the usual seasonal colds. To assist you with this condition and provide relief, a thorough drainage, and soft tissue treatment for the neck and face is needed, with particular attention given to the sinuses that are situated on either side of the nose, just over the eyebrows. With a pumping type of motion over the sinuses, combined with a gliding movement; it will help to drain the neck and face, as well as relieving the swelling and discomfort. In certain instances, this treatment is recommended twice weekly. For the purpose of draining the sensitive area of the eyes, your massage therapist will generally utilize a small cup, for the delicate treatment around the area of the eyes.

Your beauty salon can be a sanctuary and a place of surprising healing treatments. This is seen in vacuum therapy having been used successfully in post-surgical applications. These treatments have included not only reduced scarring but also skin graft integration, as well as the release of restrictions that can influence  normal lymphatic and soft tissue functioning. It has proven successful to the extent of receiving attention in the medical fraternity, with some practitioners recommending vacuum therapy for their patients. 

Hidden massage benefits

Hidden massage benefits have been proven in many and varied conditions related to all parts of the human body. From alleviating low back pain and improving the range of motion, to aiding expectant mothers with a reduced and easier labor, that result in less time spent in the maternity hospital. Your qualified massage therapist can enhance your immunity system with stimulation of the lymph flow, the natural defense mechanism provided by your body. Maintaining your body in the best possible condition is a crucial aspect of the enjoyment and success of your lifestyle.

By visiting your favorite beauty salon on a regular basis, your therapist will help in the exercising and stretching of weak, tight, or atrophied muscles. If you are an athlete, you can be helped in your preparation training, or alternatively, in your recovery from injury or accidents. This all contributes to your overall health and well-being, including reducing depression and anxiety factor.

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