Beauty and the Beard a Hair-Raising Story

Gents beard

The male influence and presence is being seen in spas and beauty salons in UAE and generally worldwide. No longer can beauty, or grooming and associated treatments only be associated with female populations, which is shown by the continuing upward swing in male spending on their regular grooming habits. Men, in all spheres of life, have discovered that they can not only look great after a professional grooming, specialized treatments in salons in Dubai for instance, but they also experience the rejuvenated sensation of feeling fantastic with an all-over sense of well-being!

 It is a factor that the modern man is conscious about their appearance and how it can impact on their image and even career success. It has accordingly become crucial that established spas and salons provide the elements required for complete male grooming. At the same time, like spas and beauty salons in Sharjah services are available that provide the most up-to-date styles and trends demanded by aware and fashion conscious men. It is an indication that a particular salon is seeking to provide the best possible therapies and treatments across its entire client base.

 The male skin and beard package

As a modern male, you are concerned about maintaining your appearance, as well as re-energizing yourself physically. With this, a primary consideration, spas and top salons in Dubai offer specifically designed male packages, in a relaxing and comfortable environment, which also caters to the most discerning, modest clientele and specialized skin care products, treatments and therapies that can be directed at specific areas of concern. It is a complete and rejuvenating experience that helps enable you to be prepared and accept with inherent self-confidence your everyday challenges.

One aspect associated with many of the male species is “the beard, which has remained popular to a certain degree, but since the early 2000’s has gained ever-increasing acceptance with all generations in many and varied walks of life. From the stylish, lived-in and mysterious look of the “five-o-clock-shadow” to the fuller and rugged outdoors beards, it is a serious competitor in the facial style game. When you visit a salon and spa in Dubai if you are sporting a beard, a primary consideration must be control by having it thoroughly and professionally groomed. Combined with a well groomed and healthy beard is the preserving of your skin in the best possible condition.

 The professional influence

Your nature can influence the type of beard you wear, but even the bush or woodsman wild beard should have some limitations, like any other. This is an aspect where your specialist can influence your appearance with various beard balms, waxes, and oils. An example is your facial hair being inclined towards the oily side. This can be remedied by treatment with a beard balm which will not increase the oil content and will give you a style hold, with an emphasized matte finish.  The top salons in Dubai also have the answer for facial or strong facial hair, with a recommended beard oil treatment and can suggest the best beard combs and brushes to maintain it in the image you want!

 How to get the beard you want

Generally, to maintain a desired appearance it is advisable to visit one of the established spas and beauty salons in the UAE at least once each month. Although growing your beard is natural, the regular trimming and shaping procedure provides for easier maintenance and improved condition for the beard and your skin.

Your beard is an integral part of not only your features but also your personality and is a highlight that can enhance the initial perception of you by friends and colleagues among others.  Therefore, it is worth some effort and specialized treatment to ensure it is kept in the best possible condition and crucially, suits and enhances you! Your highly qualified specialists in spas and salons in Dubai have the experience to propose the best beard for the shape of your face.

 Does your beard suit you?

For instance; if you have a round face, they would probably propose a lengthier style in the area of your chin, but with the sides short. One golden rule for maintaining a beard is to keep it neatly trimmed and styled to enhance your features. For anyone with a square type of face, a leaner look is called for with the hair kept fuller on the chin and the sides shortened. Your therapists in beauty salons Sharjah have the experience and skills to give you advice on various beard related factors, such as emphasizing your square jaw, with hard lines and a more rugged trim.

There are various options related to your beard that can be applied to meet your feature presentation. The shape of your face is a determining factor in the type of beard you select and as with your hairstyling, the qualified professionalism in the trimming and design process by the spas and top salons in Dubai is a highly significant factor.

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