Celebrate Valentine’s Day at your favourite Spa

celebrate Valentine's Day at Spa

Valentine Spa for twoAre you looking for something different to do on Valentine’s Day this year? Well, you could spend an amazing day being pampered and spoilt and make it an extra special day to remember! This is a romantic outing that is not only very special, but is relaxing, and sensual. Over the years Valentine’s Day has gained its popularity as a way of expressing love to those dearest to you with gifts and special events. It’s celebrated in many parts of the world, but do you know its origin?
History tells us that St. Valentine’s Day dates back to the third century when a religious altercation took place between a Christian martyr named Valentinus and the Roman Emperor Claudius ll. Valentinus was imprisoned for his religious beliefs. While confined to his cell he was allowed to read to his blind daughter and teach her arithmetic and religion. Prior to his execution on 14 February, he wrote her a loving farewell note ending it, “from your Valentine.’’ Since then the 14 February has become a day celebrated in many countries with love and affection.

Modern Valentine’s Day 

Modern SpaOver the years Valentine’s Day has gained commercial value and is now estimated as being among the top sales of cards and present giving.  Flowers, especially red roses, chocolates, or candy are the main items given by husbands to wives or to sweethearts as an expression of love or friendship. However, they are not the only presents exchanged on Valentine’s Day. The 1980’s saw the start of gifts of perfumes, fine jewelry such as diamond rings, necklaces, or earrings, added to the gift list, or else, spending the day with someone very special to you, doing something different, such as visiting a salon and spa in Dubai.

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for having a massage for two with someone you love, especially in a private candlelit couples room at a Spa with a background of soft music to enhance the ultimate pampering. The massage and other treatments will leave you both feeling most relaxed, hydrated, and glowing. If you have never had an antioxidant facial that included berries, or, a hydration mask that includes organic chocolate mousse, you just don’t know what you have missed!

An alternative therapy is to lie back in one of the top beauty salons while an application of heated aromatic oil is draped over your body. A highly qualified therapist with the use of long soft strokes will warm your muscles and relieve them of any stress. Relax with the luxurious feel of your masseur applying an indulgence of organic herbs, oils, and fragrances, to cleanse and soothe your skin, leaving you with a feeling of calm and rejuvenation.

All Spa treatments allow you the luxury of experiencing pure relaxation and packages offered are customized for your specific skin needs. No matter whether you only have a facial or a head treatment, or book in for a full body treatment that includes a manicure and pedicure, the special person in your life will find the result calming and refreshing.

Unattached single people need not be left out of the excitement of being pampered at a spa with a massage center in Sharjah on Valentine’s Day. They can take this time for showering themselves with self-love and affection, by having a “me day.” A day spent at a spa will do wonders for your self-image and leave you with a feeling of everything’s right with the world!

Spa Time

Spa timeTime spent in a Spa at one of the top massage centers is not only a luxurious experience. It is also time well spent to refocus and eliminate any stress factors as well as a chance for relaxation and unwinding from modern normal busy days. While absorbing the benefits from the various beauty treatments offered, you have the opportune time for finding inner peace and tranquillity. Qualified beauticians and other therapists attend to your skin concerns effectively as well as giving you good advice and beauty tips for your specific skin type. Your spa treatment will leave you feeling rested and radiant.

Indulging in regular healthy lifestyle treatments at a salon and spa in Sharjah is not only good for making you look good they are also good for your health and wellness. Having face and body massages are excellent ways for removing toxins, improving blood circulation, reducing blood pressure, as well as for reducing your stress levels. Looking after your skin at a spa is the best help to delay the signs of visibly aging. Going to a spa is a way of being taken care of and psychologically relaxing and coping better with the stress of life today.


MicrodermabrasionThis is a type of skin rejuvenation where your skin is gently sanded for removal of the thicker uneven outer layer. This is a treatment used for minimizing light scarring, skin discoloration, stretch marks or damage from the sun. It can also be used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and for the elimination of enlarged pores. Microdermabrasion can improve the appearance of darkened skin patching and treat acne and scars left by acne, as well as for exfoliating your skin to enhance it with a refreshed appearance.  After a Microdermabrasion treatment your skin may appear red and blotchy, this, however, will subside after a few hours. Within a matter of weeks, your skin regains a natural healthy look to it. When you are very young the collagen protein in your skin makes it appear silky and smooth. As we age the collagen production decreases, leaving the skin with an uneven appearance. The Microdermabrasion procedure is only performed by a highly trained therapist at a spa.

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