How you get Prolonged Beauty Enhancement from a Body Scrub

Like any other vital and delicate mechanism, our bodies require regular attention and maintenance to our appearance and abilities at their peak, in fact, it is a process that could be compared to a more frequent spring cleaning! When this context is applied, for instance, to a beauty Salon and Spa in Dubai it is with the underlying meaning of complete beauty needing an invigorated and glowing healthy skin over you entire body.  In essence, a body scrub is a highly regarded and proven beneficial body treatment, similar to a facial, which provides a means of exfoliation and hydration that leaves your skin, soft and smooth.

There are a variety of body scrubs available to you performed by highly trained therapists, which are obtainable from the Beauty Business Directory Dubai. Ingredients are used that may be considered exotic yet at the same time, practical  and which include coffee, salt, sugar, bran, rice bran and possibly pecan hulls. They are generally combined with a preferred type of massage oil, together with aromatic essential oils. Should they involve salt, and then it may be referred to as a salt scrub, a sea salt scrub, or a salt glow. The exfoliation procedure in Beauty Salons in UAE is generally followed by a shower, after which a body lotion is applied, but it must be kept in mind that this specialised treatment is not a massage.

A rejuvenating beauty experience 

Body scrub2If you have never experienced a body scrub before, then you can look forward to a rejuvenating beauty treatment. The Top Salons in Dubai although having their own particular presentations, will generally provide a “wet room” for the scrub. This is a hygienic environment with a tiled floor, drainage facilities, with in certain instances, deposable underwear being offered to you.

The table used is a specially designed wet table with in some cases an overhead Vichy shower, which means you, can remain in a prone position, on the table, during the rinsing process. Your body scrub will begin lying face-down on a massage table covered with a towel, a sheet or a thin piece of plastic. Your therapist at a Best Beauty Salon in Dubai will start by gently and thoroughly applying exfoliates on your back, the backs of your arms, legs and then your feet. In some treatments, you may be draped with a towel with only the particular part of your body being treated is exposed.

On completion of the treatment, your body must be rinsed thoroughly, either by stepping into a shower or if on a wet table by way of the overhead Vichy, or a hand-held shower. A washing agent, such as a shower gel is not used due to the need for retention of the applied oil and aromatics on your skin.  The therapist in your Salon and Spa in Dubai will arrange for clean sheets on the treatment table while you are showering and once dry, you are prepared for application of an oil or body lotion. 

Personal choices and treatment

There are a variety of factors and choices associated with body scrubs;

  • While you can make a request for only a body scrub, this is frequently the first stage of a body wrap, signature (Body scrub and massage), mud or seaweed wraps treatments.
  • Certain Salons in Dubai offer the service of body scrubs without showering and with exfoliate being removed with steamed towels.
  • When combined with a massage, you benefit from the stimulation provided by the body scrub and the calming effects of a following massage.

These types of therapeutic treatments are designed for individual preferences, with certain exfoliates; for example salt, being abrasive. In addition, your therapists need to be made aware of your skin sensitivity and accordingly if you feel the treatment is over-harsh for your particular skin, they will adapt their application to suit you.

The Spa body scrub technique

Body WrapThe value and benefits derived from a body scrub is seen by the fact that exfoliation as equally important as hydrating and the protection of your skin from evaporation, especially during dry or weather.  Body exfoliation from one of the highly regarded Dubai Beauty Salons has the effect of helping in the prevention of damage to your skin, for example, cracking, rashes and sores. Added to this, is its influence on the increasing of your lymph drainage, which is a highly significant benefit during periods when you are least physically active.

During warm weather when larger areas of the skin are exposed to the elements, the need for a body scrub becomes even greater,  not only for protection issues, but in the enhancing of your overall appearance. However, Beauty Salons Dubai generally, recommends that a body scrub should be compared to your facial routine, with a professional total body treatment at least every three months.

The sensations of enhancement given by body scrubs are felt immediately; with that particular smooth, soft skin obtained from only one treatment, but, there are also the less obvious benefits! The body scrub you receive give you the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are not only feeling great, but also looking amazing all over. The Top Salons in Dubai ensure a complete body scrub, which help in the prevention of  ingrown hair follicles where you wax, and prepares your skin to the application of self-tanning and airbrush products.

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