Why your Feet are also a precious Beauty Asset

There are various things in our everyday lives that we sometimes take for granted.  Most of us pay a great deal of attention to our health and wellbeing, from the tops of our well cared for heads to the tips of our, toes? Is that truly correct, or are we all guilty, even slightly, of neglecting an essential part of our bodies that literally carry us through life; our feet!

If you don’t already have your feet regularly pampered and pedicured at your favorite beauty salon, take just a little time to consider the amount of wear and tear you subject them to, every day.  In many cases, we don’t give too much thought to their well-being, except to complain if a pair of new, high fashioned shoes is not fitting properly.  Therefore, can you wonder if you suffer from feet that seem to be often tired, with hard skin and even yellow tinted toenails?

Standing on a beauty asset

Give some consideration to the fact that very often; one of your most precious beauty assets is confined in your shoes for most of a day.  Now, keeping in mind that the skin protection on the soles of your feet is about 20 times thicker than the skin on other parts of your body; does it not deserve some special, caring attention, such as pedicured feet?  Added to this is the fact that fungal issues usually occur between the toes and beneath the toenails and therefore, caring for your feet is an extremely important part of your beauty maintenance program.

For those who tend to ignore or forget their feet also need attention during the winter months, they have the option of receiving care, treatment and having healthy, attractive feet all year round. Expertly pedicured feet are an enhancement to your overall appearance and condition, as well as being an encouragement to display them as part of your personal public presentation. If you are someone who is conscious of their everyday appearance and determined to maintain your appearance at its very best, then you will understand there is not a substitute for the highly trained expertise, techniques and care of a professional pedicurist and the general treatment you receive in an Beauty Salons of repute

 About your pedicure

In certain circumstance, the question arises as to what exactly having pedicured feet involves?  A pedicure is in effect a manicure for your feet and is accepted as a cosmetic beauty treatment for the feet and toenails.  However, there is the added advantage of a pedicure helping prevent a variety of nail diseases; for example, fungus, athlete’s foot,and ingrown toenails.The term is contrived from the Latin words of “pes” (foot) and “cura” (care).The pedicures in addition to enhancing the appearance of your toes also include the lower leg and foot massages that completely rejuvenate your feet.  At the conclusion, you will experience feet that are smooth, moisturised, and toes that are perfectly shaped and polished and if required, as with manicures, you can also elect to have some toenail art.

An example of the first stage in pedicured feet care treatment from a beauty salon involves any old nail polish being removed.  This in many cases is a necessity as toenails are frequently overlooked t and it’s usual for nail polish to remain on the toes for months, which is not beneficial for your nails.  This is due to their need for space to breathe, which will prevent an end result of them gaining a yellow tint.  Upon you nails being restored to their natural colour, your nails will be appropriately cut, with care taken by your beauty salon pedicurist to avoid cutting into the corners of your nail and prevent the pain caused by ingrowing toenails.

Following the initial process, your nails will then be filed to a shape of your choice, but it is usually recommended that you keep to the natural shape of your nail bed for the best results.Your beautician will file the nails in one direction to avoid splitting or weakening them and generally from the outside towards the inside, designed to avoid splitting your nails.  The next treatment stage for your pedicured feet once the beautician is satisfied with the nail shaping will have your feet placed in a large bowl of hot water, usually with oil or moisturiser added to the water.  This treatment will help rehydrate your skin and you will be able to enjoy a short period of relaxation soaking your feet in the comfort of your beauty salon!

Your pampered feet assets
During the soaking of your feet,the beautician may gently remove any waste skin that has softened up and treat you to a skilled exfoliating foot care scrub to ensure the removal of any stubborn skin.  To re-hydrate your feet, your pedicurist will apply a generous layer of moisturiser.  This could include a lower leg and foot massage, which, is a highlight of your complete pedicured feet experience. In certain instances, your feet could be wrapped and placed inside a hot shaped mat, to help the moisturiser penetrate.  However, it must be kept in mind that various pedicurists do prefer different treatment procedures

After your beauty salon pampering, it’s time to care for your toenails, with attention given to the cuticles and perhaps additional filing of your toenails to ensure they are perfect.  Then it’s decision time for you regarding the colour preference for your nails.  Similar to a manicure, for the best results,be certain the colour you select matches your skin colour or enhances your lip colour. You can now face the world, looking great and feeling comfortable with your rejuvenated and stylish looking pedicured feet!

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