How to Gain and Maintain a Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin

In these days of appearance consciousness, we are all confronted with a variety of challenges regarding gaining and maintaining our skins.  If you have managed to achieve the appearance and skin condition you want, the next challenge is maintaining it in that condition.  Your skin is a protection and as such, it is exposed to various attacks in many and varied forms, for instance, pollutants in the atmosphere amongst others.  Your favourite beauty salon is where you can seek answers and in your quest for a beautiful skin it is where you can experience the first basic step in attaining what most everyone desires, an enhancing skin condition and appearance.

If you are not familiar with the benefits offered by an exfoliating skin treatment then you should be aware of the various options available to you.  They are many and varied and your professionally qualified beauty therapist will help and advise you on which one best suits you.  You may be surprised by references to chemical peels, microdermabrasion’s, or enzymes, scrubs and rotary brushes.  Your highly trained beauty specialist will inform you on the different procedures and especially on which one is the right one for your skin type.  This is an essential part of the gain and maintains skin treatment process.

The exfoliation objectives

The objective of the exfoliation skin treatment includes the removal of dead skin cells and the unclogging of the skin pores.  It is a stimulation procedure for cellular turnover, which reveals a healthier layer of skin cells as well as energising your skin by the removal of surface hyperpigmentation.  Should you be an acne sufferer, your skin will benefit from having the pores unclogged, thereby helping the oil to reach the skin surface which reduces the frequency of breakouts.  Due to the partial removal of its natural barrier, your skin will benefit from products with smaller molecules.  It will provide the ability to of them penetrating to the lower levels of the skin enabling greater effectiveness towards maintaining a beautiful skin.  For these reasons, it is imperative a broad spectrum sunscreen is applied on a daily basis.

A consultation and a careful skin analysis by your favourite salon and spa in Dubai,  have the capacity of defining which method will bring about the best results by determining if you require a physical or chemical exfoliation.  So, you are probably now wondering about the differences between physical and chemical exfoliation?

Physical Exfoliation also referred to as “Dermaplaning” is a form of exfoliation utilising in a process a scalpel that gently removes the dead skin cells and the fine hairs commonly known as “peach fuzz”. Your beauty therapist is an expert and you will experience a safe and effective exfoliation, which is particularly beneficial for pregnant and lactating clients, due to there being no usage of harsh chemicals.

Chemical Exfoliation or chemical peels have become extremely popular with the process involving the lowering of the pH level of the skin creating a situation for the generation of new cells. This occurs in the basal layer of the skin, with the shedding of the old cells and rejuvenation of new.

All over skin enhancement

Your skin is an all-over body protection and accordingly exfoliation skin treatment for the body should be considered just as important as the renewal of your facial skin.  It must be admitted that dry and rough skin on the body is not only unattractive, but has the potential of creating a build-up, and secretion, of sebum.  This can result in irritating rashes, pimples and dry, flaked peeling.  Exfoliation is an art and is the means by which your beauty therapist is able to reveal what lies under your skin.  Your skin care professional is fully aware of any new generations of chemical peels and their expertise allows them to meet the high demands of their clients for a smooth, enhanced, and refined sensation to the skin.  In the highly appearance-conscious world of today, this is an essential factor in professional skin care service!

The exfoliating skin treatment you receive from your beauty specialist must be recognised as being far beyond a scrub and rub.  This highly skilled professional therapist has been educated in the various aspects related to the integration of culture exfoliation ingredient technology.  Exfoliation is arguably the most results-oriented service for a beauty salon, due to the effects of the treatment being fully visible and noticeable.  It is these factors that make it highly appealing for the time and cash restricted clients of today, who demand and expect delivery on every promotional promise.

Customised exfoliation

Because of the high degrees of quality demanded for the ingredients and technology used during this treatment for a beautiful skin, significant attention is given to the individual needs of the client, with advice available for the current home-care support required to enhance the benefits gained from the professional treatment.

An exfoliating skin treatment is a service or a selection of services offered by your favourite beauty salon in Dubai.  As a client, you can be assured and confident that the expertise of your practitioner will result in your receiving a measurable enhancement after just one session.  An exfoliation treatment is helping nature provide you with a beautiful skin and whether you are female of a male, it is an asset in a world where a personal appeal is recognised and has become for many, a way of life!

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