How a Beauty Salon Cares for Your Hair and Stress Relief

Hair Stress

Hair and stress

VectorPortal-Pretty-WomanHow a Beauty Salon cares for your hair and stress relief? The word “HAIR” has a variety of meanings and expressions for various people, both female and male. It is no longer a part of their bodies, designed by nature to help protect them from the elements; hair has become representative of who they are and a projection of their personality. However, hair, like any other part of our bodies, is subject to the ravages of stress caused by modern day lifestyles. These are work and domestic related and for many appearance conscious people, hair maintenance is becoming increasingly challenging, especially with regard to hair loss.

Loss of hair

Hair thinningRegardless whether loss of hair occurs over a short or long term, females are exposed to this condition in the same way as are their male counterparts. The situation can involve a general thinning out of the hair or a bald patch that gradually increases in its size. On average, it has been estimated that we shed approximately between 50 and 100 strands of our hair each day! Although it should not be of concern if you discover a few strands in your comb, hairbrush or on your clothing; should you experience it leaving your head in noticeable volume, or a thinning out on the scalp, then its time to seek some expert advice from your beauty consultant. Alopecia is a term generally used for loss of hair or baldness, but it appears in different forms with various, technical identities and with a variety of causes and symptoms.

Thinning or losing hair

It has been established that there is not a specific cause for this condition, with various medical references quoting factors related to lifestyle and eating habits, as well as stress.  It is widely believed that your general body state, mentally and physically can be seen in the appearance and condition of your hair. Your experienced beauty therapist can help and support you by addressing and even providing professional referrals for any seeming hair and stress related circumstances that are affecting your general well-being.

Hair treatment Therapists

Zhooshup hairDetermining the cause (s) of poorly conditioned hair and hair loss is the primary concern of any qualified beauty therapist. It requires a consultation regarding possible causes and treatments that are best suited to your hair and stress needs, especially if you have a social life or occupation that is being affected.

If you have been in the habit of self-maintaining your hair, including shampooing, colouring, dyeing and moisturising, it will be determined by your professional beauty consultant whether some part of the treatment could be having a negative affect on your hair. One instance could be associated with the belief that by extending the processing time of a hair dye beyond the recommended time period, the final result will be enhanced! However, the actual and general result of this is a hair finish that is dull or darker than expected or desired!

 Hair in a fashion-conscious world

Hair is part of our natural physical appearance, but in the fashion-conscious world of today, hair, or lack of it, can play an integral and crucial part of how we feel about ourselves. It could, therefore, in association with your beauty therapist, be to your advantage to discuss how you can enhance your hair and stress with natural oils before any form of hair colour is applied. Your hair condition and any stress related factor could be helped naturally with moisturizing, instead of potentially abrasive cleaning. As with shampooing; if you are regularly shampooing before a colouring process, you are in effect, stripping your hair of its natural and protective oils.

Your favourite beauty Salon

The foregoing is but a small example of how professional and appropriate conditioning and maintenance of your hair can positively affect not only your outward appearance but also how it can improve your general well-being. Your favourite Salon and Spa is designed to cater for the many and varied aspects of your overall physical condition and appearance, but which in turn, are shown to have a highly significant influence on the easing of tension and stress relief that have become part and parcel of our modern day lifestyles!

How others see us

hair colorThe awareness of how we should be seen by others creates its own stress factor; you could have the sensation, rightly or wrongly that your hair appears and feels dry and damaged, or the colour shade you chose does not really suit you? The more you think about these and other hair related issues which develop, greater becomes the loss of self-confidence in your appearance and faster does the cycle of stress grow. Before this stage arrives, take some time out for yourself; make an appointment with your beauty salon consultant and lay out your hair and stress issues to a friendly and qualified professional.

How you perceive yourself

It may be perceived as being more economic to go the DIY route with your hair maintenance, but there is far more to it than just a shampoo and taking a chance with some colouring; it’s all about you, and how you perceive yourself! Many of us despite a tough exterior, are sensitive souls inside and it may take just one wrong look or comment to set the self-doubt process into action. Don’t let it happen to you; by regularly visiting your favourite best Beauty Salon you will know that you look your best, all the time. What is more, you will also feel great within yourself and be ready to meet the world, head-on!

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