How Ancient Health Beauty Treatments Used Today

ancient health and beauty

The practice of ancient health beauty treatments has been recognized through the ages as a means of healing, from the ancient Egyptians, Grecians and the Romans for whom it was a ritual. Cleopatra, a name that has become synonymous with beauty and everything associated with it and the legend that has followed her, even into modern times of bathing in milk. Today, our world is a vastly different place, with less time available to benefit from what should be a relaxing, rejuvenating health and beautifying experience in water, known as “Sanitas per Aqua” and presented as hydrotherapy.

Beauty treatment in any form has always been and is today regarded as a proven means of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation of your body and mind. As in ancient times, the sensation of a water therapy is in various ways, mysterious and with hidden advantages that exist in the high pressured world in which we now live. From Salons and Spas across the globe, different types of baths are offered in a SPA culture that for many are recognized as a return to those bygone days. Your bathing experience today although significantly different to Egyptian and Roman times still retains the physical benefits, provided by a mineral bath or a hydrotherapy tub. Many of the Top Beauty Salons ensures their clients receive a combined health and beautifying experience that enables your body and mind to rest and find a peaceful respite from the pressure of the outside world.

Water and nature’s products combine

Hydrotherapy Pool  (Photo Credit: By 1PeterLewis, from Wikimedia Commons)

Hydrotherapy is a term that is associated with a wide and varied range of treatments that utilise baths, hot and cold water, showers, steaming, foot baths, as well as hot and cold compresses, salt glows and body wraps. The treatments offered have been designed for the improvement of circulation, extraction of impurities. They have the power to tone, condition, nourish and exfoliate, depending on the chosen application! The bath is an important offering to your overall beauty experience in a spa especially after a hectic working day, travelling, or just taking time out for yourself.

For this type of therapeutic treatment a variety of natural products are used, including herbs, aloe, papaya, pineapple, honey, foods such as cucumber, milk, as well as sugars, salts and oatmeal. Specifically designed materials are used for wrapping your body following the application of mixtures, with scrubs and rubs performed by hand or with a particular mitten. It is a beauty and health-giving experience that makes it worthwhile asking the question, “which are the best spas, hair and beauty salons near me?” If you are suffering from anxiety or your muscles are tense, then the soothing effects of warm water will relax and ease your body and mind. In the event of a fatigued condition or a stress factor, then the refreshing cold water therapy will provide needed relief.

Exotic influences from the past

Watsu (Photo Credits: By Saulėtekis; From Wikimedia Commons)

The treatments offered by hydrotherapy are practical yet at the same time possess a certain degree of the exotic from their ancient origins. Your top spas and Beauty Salons worldwide, provide various bath options; for example, the Watsu, also known as Shiatsu in water, which is founded on the principles of Zen Shiatsu. It is a treatment that involves water-related exercise, with floatation and massage in a pool of warm water under the direction of a qualified therapist. It provides positive benefits that are deeply relaxing and therapeutic, especially if you have issues related to mobility.

The inhalation of steam has long been recognised as possessing qualities that are effective in clearing congestion in the chest and which is a treatment that can be included in Aromatherapy. One particular and a highly regarded steam related procedure is the Rhassoul, Serail, Hammam or the “Turkish Bath.” Consult your favourite Salon Spa and discover the spa most convenient for you to experience this Islamic variant of the Roman bath, Steam-bath, or the Russian Banya. Although this treatment is similar to a sauna, in practice, it has a greater similarity to the bathing customs of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Colourful and therapeutic treatments

Sitz Bath – The German nature cure

It is a fascinating and therapeutic process involving steam and applying to your body, with in the case of the Rhassoul or Serail, various coloured mineral-rich mud. This beneficial mud is massaged onto the body and followed with steaming for approximately 15 minutes, after which the mud is rinsed off. If you are seeking a spa for a massage then not only can you have a rejuvenating health sensation, before a massage, but also enjoy the occasion with friends or as a couple.

From the ancient practices into the modern world, you are given the option of a Massage as well as the choice of a healthy, healing and hygienic bath; for instance, a foot bath! This is a soothing, invigorating and luxurious process in which the feet are soaked in warm water, imbibed and scented with minerals and aromatic oils, and in some instances, with herbs and flower petals. Alternatively, there is the “Sitz Bath” that is both healing and hygienic. It is conducted in a seated position with warm water containing oils, healing salts or medication, covering the lower half of the body.

Gifts from the ancients

In the volatile and stress-filled world of today, a worldwide appreciation has developed regarding the therapeutic benefits of spa culture and the use of water. Various specialized and highly qualified therapists, such as those found in spas, beauty salons, and Massage Centres are dedicated to the health and general wellbeing of their clients and their needs for maintaining and improving their lifestyles, helped with a proven variety of health preserving gifts from our ancient past!

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