Make a Fashion Statement with Your Nails

Make a fashion statement with your nails

Fashion in various ways dictates how we present ourselves and our lifestyle to the outside world. We are influenced into choosing those celebrities who appeal to our ambitions in one form or another; whether it’s in achieving goals related for example, to our financial ambitions, or whom we envisage personifies how we would like to be seen. It is an aspect that can make its presence felt in every factor related to our personality and our physical appearance, especially in these fashion-conscious times, to our nails. Yes, Indeed you can make a fashion statement with your nails.

The dream for many everyday people from an early age is, to borrow a term to; strut their stuff on the catwalk! The models are representatives of the perfection we are all seeking in one way or another and nails not only complete the perfect ensemble but today, are parts of us that can be made into a powerful and dramatic fashion statement. If we compare the international catwalks to our local beauty salons it can be seen that your nails and nail art have been upgraded from basically, just accessories, to an integral and critical factor in our overall fashion presentation.

Preparing a nails fashion statement

It is to the extent, that how you care for and prepare your nails for the outside world is a crucial extension of your perceived complete beauty package. An example of this is a perfectly presented woman or man, in every way your ideal, except that when they smiled there is a piece of lettuce between their two front teeth. The perception creates a sensation of disappointment, comparable with complete disenchantment with viewing unsightly nails! Your beauty therapist is highly qualified in nail care and enhancement and as with the rest of your body, healthy, great looking finger and toe nails rely to a great extent on your diet.

Your nails and nail art

NailartThe composition of our nails is calcium and a variety of other minerals and accordingly, it is crucial that we replenish them on a regular basis. If you would like some guidance on this aspect, consult your beauty specialist regarding advice on which minerals can help maintain your nails in a healthy condition with a great appearance. An example of correct dieting for great looking nails is that a Vitamin B12 deficiency produces unsightly darkening and dry nails. Also, keep in mind that your nails are not only needed as a fashion statement but require regular care and attention to ensure your general well-being.

Nail protection and maintenance

Our nails are subjected to an almost continuous barrage of bacteria and germs, some of which has the potential to make them more porous and prone to fungi. By giving them regular care from your beauty therapist who will provide the necessary treatment and conditioning, you will not only experience an enhanced appearance, but a fresh and comfortable sensation of well-being. To maintain your nails in the best possible condition, you require them to be trimmed and filed regularly and correctly to obtain maximum benefits. This conditioning can be added to by nail buffing, which improves blood circulation and stimulates the growth of the nails.

Your beauty specialist can also advise you regarding the nail and cuticle protection procedures to be adopted when washing your hands and general nail care. Rinsing thoroughly and applying a moisturizer is essential to nail maintenance as is taking care not to continually expose your nails to extreme temperatures, such as extra hot water, direct heat, and cold, all of which can result in your nails becoming brittle.

Breaking your own nail fashion barriers

Fashion Statement with nailsIf you are a fashion and trending female of male, who enjoys breaking barriers; either your own or other people’s perceptions of you, then your nails give you the opportunity to create a combination of in-your-face fashion statements. You have the means of differentiating yourself from the rest, with a wide and extreme variety of nail art and jewelry designs. They are all designer selected to be representative of individual styles and personalities and can be a reflection of the true and overall fashion statement you want to make! Visions and perceptions change continuously, as do people; from perhaps a unique and daring visual today, to something more refined and elegant next month. Your nails provide the option of displaying a mood, personality or even a persona that is created. It’s your own fashion statement!
Your nails can play an important role in your fashion progression, influenced by time and your life experiences and crucially, who and what you want to be! You can always be different; with expressive and

unique nail art and enhancing nail jewelry that is innovatively bold or classic. It is your choice, determined by you as a unique person in particular circumstances. Your beauty salon is the means of helping you combine various and unique nail fashion statements; for example, unique cultures, classic, historic or street styles, or even underground, among many others.

Your nail fashion statement techniques

Your beauty specialist will help determine which nail technique will best suit your particular needs. One of the most popular options is known as “Flared” which is designed to create a gradient effect across all five fingers, or give a particular nail specific attention. A classic manicure can be accented by utilizing a different color, such as the ring finger and is accepted as being trendy, without going too much overboard.

It was not too long ago that nail art was facing a severe decline in popularity, but today, women and men are discovering it as a refreshing, innovative means of self- expression. Your beauty salon is the environment in which to explore the potential offered by enhancing manicures. Individual nail fashion statements have been motivated arguably by a general designer fatigue, but more likely, the desire by many people in all walks of life, to either show who they are, or to present a particular persona image. Irrespective of the reason, nail décor is a motivation for not only healthy nails but for an enhancing overall lifestyle; and, its fun!

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