Are Women and Men equal in Beauty Stakes

The days are long gone when visiting a classic beauty salon for various treatments, from fingernails to toenails was considered the prerogative of women. Today, it could be generally regarded as almost equal when it comes to females or males giving advice about how to age gracefully, or maintaining appearances.  In many cases, it appears that men were being left behind in the enhancement stakes as their female counterparts took ever-increasing strides towards preserving their youth. Certainly, there have been some major and embarrassing cosmetic occurrences along the path to sustained beauty, but, there is no disputing the obvious fact that some modern ladies in their fifties, even into the sixties, are looking amazing.

So, where does that leave their male companions? Some might say outclassed, embarrassed and with great dents in their egos? Imagine if you’re a guy in his fifties, reasonably well preserved, you think, being introduced to this vision of sophistication, with the appearance of someone 10 to 15 years younger than you. When you find out she is in fact just a couple of years younger than you; well we can leave this for later, in the beauty salon, can’t we!

The old saying of beauty is in the eyes of the beholder has a different connotation in the modern era. Yes, we can perceive a wonderful, generous personality and someone who seems perfect in every way, but the modern world dictates that women must try to look like their teen daughters, or face hidden ridicule and even rejection from those who do. Likewise, the daughters expect their parents to live up to expectations regarding appearance because they also have their images to protect in front of their peers. A well preserved and maintained beauty factor is an essential ingredient and the men have realized that to avoid being left behind in the beauty salon stakes it’s a case of going with the flow, even at the risk of sacrificing any self-perceived macho image.

The male beauty beginning

The male population saw the light when they started visiting hairdressers on a regular basis, instead of the local barber shop. When they allowed an attractive, well-groomed hairdressing specialist to pamper and spoil them in comfortable surroundings, with other men, and women! It took time for this situation to develop, but like most things between men and women, the latter usually show the way.

It is generally accepted that not too far in the distant future, male beauty salons will be appearing in some volume, although a few do exist already. Beauty treatments are in effect a protection against natural and induced elements in our everyday lives. Therefore, it’s not surprising that men want the same protection and beauty advantages like the women. They also want to experience that “feel good all over” sensation, from a sensational massage, a soothing facial, smart manicure, pedicure and the anti-aging process that their female partners are enjoying.

There are many males in their midlife who are wearing designer wigs, or use hair color, Botox and a variety of other cosmetic applications regularly.  The younger men demand treatments and products that in addition to warding off signs of aging also enhance their current and overall appearance. The male enhancement market is one that is under careful scrutiny by the cosmetic industry and the potential observed is regarded as extremely high. Beauty is a term used in a context that is highly varied and encompasses a variety of applications, treatments and therapies. It can, therefore, be seen that a male populated beauty and cosmetic industry has serious economic consequences. This is visible from the amount of media advertising being directed at male populations, usually including attractive and youthful looking females. The lure is cast and its just a matter of timing as to when even the most stubborn of men, is trapped in the beauty stakes.

The culture we experience today emphasizes beauty and youth and encompasses all aspects that contribute to preventing the advance of aging in women and men.  Advertisements for skin, hair enhancement as well as testosterone supplements are today an accepted and common enticement, as are the feminine beauty treatments and products. Despite the fact of some magazines for women being berated for their enhancement of female models, the same techniques are also utilized for unrealistic male images.

Advertising influences

The presentation of ads, depicting males of a determined age are frequently directed towards a humorous aspect or are derisive. They are designed to emphasize what it means to look the part in the beauty culture of today. It is the media to whom the average male will look for guidance in how to belong and be a part of the beautiful and accepted world.   This is highlighted by scenarios of a man at ease in any situation, with matching six-pack abs, and in all respects, presenting the ideal concept of the masculine man.  As with the women men of all ages, despite their protests, do take notice of the underlying and usually subliminal message, which is your appearance will make you healthy, wealthy and happy!

In the beauty conscious world of today there is the inherent need to be young and attractive; particularly should a job be on the line! In a highly competitive marketplace, many men and women of varying ages are confronted with serious challenges to find secure work, with some having the belief that their age is preventing them from, for example, being promoted. While it has been proven that an enhanced appearance provides job applicants with an advantage, advancement within a working environment is increasingly being related to the appearance of the person(s) concerned. It is a situation that does not discriminate between the sexes and is one more reason why your classic beauty salon is part of your lifestyle today!

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